Unprecedented Security Measures for G20 Summit: 130,000 Soldiers Deployed, Advanced Defense Systems in Place, and Luxurious Fleet for Dignitaries

In an extraordinary display of security preparedness, Delhi gears up for the upcoming G20 summit scheduled for September 9 and 10. With 1.30 lakh soldiers on high alert, including 50,000 Delhi Police personnel and approximately 80,000 soldiers from NSG, CRPF, CAPF, and the Army, the security measures are unprecedented. Here’s an in-depth look at the comprehensive security measures in place for this historic event.

Unprecedented Security Measures for G20 Summit: 130,000 Soldiers Deployed, Advanced Defense Systems in Place, and Luxurious Fleet for Dignitaries, G20 India 2023, Indian Defence News, Indian Defense News

Airport Security: Safeguarding the First Entry Point

The security ring begins at the airport, where world leaders are expected to land. Central Force commandos and Delhi Police personnel have been deployed to ensure the safety of the leaders. Palam Airbase will welcome the planes of the Presidents and Prime Ministers. A dedicated corridor at Delhi Airport will facilitate the arrivals of other delegates.

The airport’s internal security is managed by the CISF, equipped with additional CCTV cameras and constant monitoring through a special command center. Airports around Delhi, including Hindon Airbase, Ambala, Sirsa, Bhatinda Defense Airbase, have been placed on high alert. Advanced defense systems, including anti-drone measures and missiles with an 80 km range, are on standby to protect the airspace.

Bharat Mandapam: Ensuring Safe Havens

Venue commanders of Special CP rank have been appointed for the summit venues, with Joint CP level officers as zonal in-charges. Safe houses with ballistic shields have been constructed for world leaders in case of emergencies or attacks, ensuring their safety. Helicopters are strategically positioned for NSG operations in case of emergencies, with over 200 commandos trained for such missions.

Traffic Management: Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Over 10,000 Delhi Police personnel have been deployed to manage traffic during the summit. Detailed route planning, including alternative routes for emergencies, has been meticulously done. Traffic around hotels housing world leaders will be restricted.

For the first time, Delhi Police will utilize Artificial Intelligence to manage traffic. After four months of training, officers will not only monitor traffic routes but also analyze CCTV camera footage along VVIP routes.

Railway and Metro Stations: Vigilance and Drills

Special police squads are stationed at railway and metro stations, conducting continuous drills and monitoring commuters through CCTV cameras. Suspicious individuals are subject to questioning and detainment.

VVIP Movement: Multilayered Security

VVIP convoys will enjoy multilayered security as they leave the airport or hotels. Security personnel will take positions 45 minutes before the convoy departs, and clearance from security agencies will be mandatory before the convoy sets off. In addition to traffic police, intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI6, alongside the NSG and SPG, will be deployed. Air Force planes and helicopters will accompany the convoys.

CRPF Commandos: Ensuring Speedy Transit

CRPF commandos have been specially trained to secure world leaders’ convoys, ensuring swift transit. The convoy’s route from the hotel to Rajghat, and subsequently to the main venue, Bharat Mandapam, has been meticulously planned, with fixed sequences.

Secure Communication and Cybersecurity

Sensitive information related to the summit will be communicated through the secure Sandesh app, developed by the Government of India. This ensures that critical information remains confidential, preventing leaks. Cybersecurity teams are on high alert, monitoring social media, deep fake manipulation, data theft, ransomware, and malware.

Dignitary Transportation: A Luxurious Fleet

More than 500 luxury vehicles, including BMW 5 Series, Audi, and Mercedes E Class GLS, have been arranged for the dignitaries’ transportation. These vehicles have been sourced from different cities, including Delhi, Agra, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Mumbai, in response to demands from various embassies and the Indian Foreign Ministry.

As Delhi stands prepared to host this historic G20 summit, the extraordinary security measures underscore the commitment to ensuring the safety of world leaders and delegates. Unprecedented levels of security, advanced technology, and a luxurious fleet of vehicles will collectively contribute to a successful and secure event.

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