Union Minister of State for Defence Ajay Bhatt’s Landmark Visit to CVRDE, Avadi

In a historic visit, Union Minister of State for Defence and Tourism, Ajay Bhatt, took his first step into the realm of cutting-edge defense technology at the Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) located in Avadi. This visit marked a significant moment in the annals of CVRDE’s accomplishments and its dedication to advancing India’s defense capabilities.

During his visit, Minister Ajay Bhatt engaged in a comprehensive meeting with CVRDE’s senior scientists, where he meticulously reviewed the ongoing projects. Dr. S V Kade, a distinguished scientist and Director General (ACE), presented an overview of the remarkable achievements and groundbreaking technology and products developed by CVRDE, shedding light on the organization’s pivotal role in shaping India’s defense landscape.

Additionally, Mr. V. Balamurugan, an Outstanding Scientist and Director of CVRDE, provided valuable insights into the current status and enhancements of the ongoing projects, underlining CVRDE’s commitment to constant innovation and progress.

Minister Bhatt’s visit was not merely an intellectual exploration; it was an immersive experience. He displayed a profound interest in the advanced systems created by CVRDE, and the project leaders left no stone unturned in articulating the uniqueness of their creations. This exchange of ideas and knowledge reaffirmed CVRDE’s position as a driving force behind India’s defense prowess.

One of the most exhilarating moments of the visit was when Minister Ajay Bhatt embarked on a ride in the Main Battle Tank, Arjun Mk I A. Accompanied by the tank’s skilled crew members, he had the privilege of firsthand experience with the tank’s advanced features, highlighting the prowess of indigenous Indian technology in the defense sector.

Expressing his appreciation, Minister Bhatt commended the CVRDE fraternity for their unwavering dedication and contributions to bolstering India’s defense capabilities. He emphasized the imperative need to enhance self-reliance in research and development systems and expressed confidence that the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) would propel the nation towards realizing the ‘Make in India’ vision in the defense sector.

In conclusion, Minister Ajay Bhatt’s momentous visit to CVRDE, Avadi, signifies a pivotal chapter in India’s journey towards achieving self-reliance in defense research and development. It underscored the profound strides that CVRDE continues to make in advancing indigenous technology and the nation’s commitment to strengthening its defense capabilities.

Tuesday 5 Sept 2023 Report

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