Tensions Flare as Chinese Think Tank Criticizes India’s Role at G-20 Summit – Indian Defence News


In a display of mounting tensions before the G-20 leaders convened in New Delhi, a Chinese-language think tank associated with China’s primary intelligence agency unleashed a strongly worded criticism directed at India. The think tank took issue with India’s alleged propensity for pursuing its own interests, thereby sowing discord among summit participants.

The commentary expressed particular concern about India’s previous hosting of two G-20 sessions in disputed regions. One such session took place in Arunachal Pradesh, a territory also claimed by China, while the other was conducted in Kashmir, a region contested by Pakistan. The think tank, known as the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, delivered its critique through its official WeChat account, asserting that these actions had “sabotaged the environment for cooperation on the G-20.”

The timing of this criticism coincided with President Xi Jinping’s conspicuous absence from the summit, leaving Premier Li Qiang to represent China. The Foreign Ministry offered no explanation for Xi’s nonattendance, leaving room for speculation regarding the underlying reasons.

During the summit’s morning session, Premier Li Qiang emphasized the importance of unity, cooperation, and inclusivity within the G-20, as reported by the official Xinhua News Agency. Meanwhile, the think tank’s article accused India of deliberately excluding China and Brazil from hosting an online event for the Global South, a move seen as India’s attempt to bolster its influence among developing nations.

India faced further scrutiny for its efforts to propagate the narrative that China ensnares developing countries in “debt traps” through its loans. The think tank contended that India’s pursuit of its own agenda could exacerbate divisions and hinder the international community from reaching consensus and substantial achievements, ultimately damaging India’s reputation and impeding global development efforts. These criticisms underscore the escalating tensions and potential ramifications of India’s role in the G-20 summit.


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