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In recent times, the international corridors had been abuzz with speculations surrounding the meeting of Russian President Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. However, both nations have now officially confirmed their imminent encounter, fueling concerns about the potential arms deal that may be on the horizon.

According to a statement released on the Kremlin’s website, President Putin has extended an invitation to Kim Jong Un to visit Russia, with the meeting expected to take place in the coming days. The North Korean government’s news agency, KCNA, has also confirmed Kim Jong Un’s intent to meet with Putin.

Is Kim Jong Un Bound for Russia?

Reports from the Associated Press indicate that a special train belonging to Kim Jong Un was spotted near a station close to the North Korea-Russia border. This train, adorned in green and yellow, is often used by Kim for foreign trips. While it remains unclear whether Kim was on board, some reports suggest that a train from North Korea has departed for Russia, likely carrying the North Korean leader. It is speculated that Kim Jong Un could arrive in Russia by Tuesday, with a potential meeting between him and Putin in the offing.

Will Kim Meet Putin on Tuesday?

Japan’s Kyodo News Agency also reported that Kim Jong Un is likely traveling to Russia via train. It’s worth noting that just last week, information emerged from U.S. intelligence officials that Kim Jong Un and Putin might engage in talks this month.

Growing Ties Between Russia and North Korea

The National Security Council’s John Kirby revealed on August 30 that discussions on arms between Russia and North Korea were progressing. Putin’s desire to bolster his “war machine” amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has led to several sanctions against Russia. This situation has led Russia to seek potential arms deals with North Korea.

Kirby suggested that North Korea might seek technology from Russia in exchange for arms sales. Such a development could have serious consequences, potentially bolstering North Korea’s arsenal. North Korea itself faces a barrage of sanctions, but access to Russian technology could significantly enhance its military capabilities.

The Rising Military Affinity

Military ties between North Korea and Russia have been on the rise. In September 2022, the U.S. claimed that North Korea supplied Russia with heavy artillery and ammunition. In January 2023, North Korea reportedly provided the Wagner Group, a private army linked to Putin, with rockets and missiles. Additionally, the U.S. shared satellite imagery showing a train transporting potentially lethal weaponry along the North Korea-Russia border.

What’s in It for Kim?

If an arms deal were to materialize between Putin and Kim Jong Un, it could benefit Russia, particularly amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. However, questions linger about what North Korea stands to gain. If an agreement is reached, it could help North Korea generate revenue, providing relief from the economic struggles caused by sanctions. Moreover, it could boost North Korea’s defense exports, a crucial lifeline considering its dependence on arms sales.

North Korea’s immediate concerns include securing food, essentials, and basic necessities. However, beyond sustenance, it seeks to develop its military arsenal, including nuclear and long-range missile capabilities. For this, North Korea’s future may hinge on arms sales, sparking international tensions.

As the world watches closely, the meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un holds the potential to reshape the global geopolitical landscape. The outcome could have far-reaching consequences for international security, arms control, and the volatile situation in Eastern Europe.

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