US Assures India That Pakistan’s Amraams Can Be Made Ineffective

The United States has assured India that Pakistan’s Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (Amraams) can be made ineffective if they are used for offensive purposes. The assurance was given to then-Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar in 2015, when he raised concerns about the sale of Amraams and fighter jets to Pakistan.

The US said that it has an effective end-user monitoring process in place to ensure that the weapons are not misused. The US also said that it can disable the Amraams if they are used in an offensive manner.

The assurance from the US is likely to be welcomed by India, which has been concerned about the growing military capabilities of Pakistan. The Amraams are considered to be one of the most advanced air-to-air missiles in the world, and their sale to Pakistan has been seen as a major threat to India’s security.

The US assurance is not without its limitations. It is possible that Pakistan could find ways to circumvent the end-user monitoring process. Additionally, the US may be reluctant to disable the Amraams if it believes that doing so would escalate tensions between India and Pakistan.

Despite these limitations, the US assurance is a positive development for India. It shows that the US is committed to preventing the misuse of weapons that could be used against India. The assurance also gives India some confidence that it can deter Pakistan from using its Amraams in an offensive manner.

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