ISRO’s most advanced weather satellite, INSAT-3DS, is set to launch on February 17 (Indian Defense News)

In an exciting development, the Ministry of Earth Sciences has meticulously crafted the INSAT-3DS satellite, and the much-anticipated launch is slated for February 17, 2024. The launch spectacle will unfold at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, where a GSLV rocket will propel the satellite into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO). Currently, the rocket assembly is in progress, positioning the satellite in the final stage, known as Nozj.

ISRO's most advanced weather satellite, INSAT-3DS, is set to launch on February 17

The primary mission of INSAT-3DS is to furnish comprehensive information on Earth’s surface, oceans, weather patterns, and emergency signals. Beyond its role in monitoring, this cutting-edge satellite is poised to make significant contributions to relief and rescue operations. Remarkably, INSAT-3DS is the seventh installment in the INSAT-3DS series, featuring a diverse array of six geostationary satellites.

The lineage of INSAT satellites, spanning launches from 2000 to 2004, has been instrumental in delivering crucial updates on communication, TV broadcasting, and real-time weather conditions. Outfitted with advanced instruments like 3E, 3D, and 3D Prime, these satellites promise precise and timely insights into weather changes within and around India.

Situated strategically above the equator, the INSAT satellites ensure meticulous surveillance of Indian regions. The funding for this groundbreaking satellite, weighing 2275 kilograms and equipped with six-channel imagers and 19-channel sounder meteorology payloads, comes from the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

Collaborating seamlessly with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), ISRO oversees the operation of these satellites. This collaborative effort ensures the swift dissemination of timely information to the public, empowering them to proactively prepare for natural disasters by reaching safe locations. This marks ISRO’s second satellite launch of the year, initially slated for January but subject to a rescheduled timeline. Anticipation is high as INSAT-3DS heralds a new era in advanced satellite technology.

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