INS Nireekshak Arrives Trincomalee For Joint Dive Training

Trincomalee, September 19, 2023 – The Indian Navy’s INS Nireekshak, a specialized Diving Support and Submarine Rescue Vessel, made a significant arrival at Trincomalee port in Sri Lanka on September 14, 2023. The vessel’s mission is to engage in joint dive training with the Sri Lankan Navy (SLN) in an effort to strengthen naval cooperation and expertise exchange.

Spanning over a week, this collaborative venture is set to foster improved interoperability, cohesiveness, and the sharing of best practices between the diving teams of both nations. The initiative underscores the long-standing maritime partnership and camaraderie shared by India and Sri Lanka.

Upon its arrival, INS Nireekshak was given a warm welcome by officials from the High Commission of India (HCI) in Colombo. The welcoming ceremony featured the SLN band playing the iconic tune ‘Sare Jahan Se Achha,’ symbolizing the enduring friendship between the two neighboring nations.

The Commanding Officer of INS Nireekshak, along with the ship’s crew, called on Rear Admiral PS De Silva, Commander of the Eastern Naval Area in Sri Lanka. During their meeting, they discussed a wide range of topics of mutual interest, including maritime security, disaster response, and joint operational strategies.

In addition to professional interactions and training exercises, the visit encompasses various social and cultural exchanges to further strengthen the bonds between the two navies. Scheduled activities include friendly sports fixtures and joint yoga sessions, all aimed at enhancing the spirit of friendship and camaraderie between Indian and Sri Lankan naval personnel.

This joint dive training initiative not only demonstrates the commitment of both nations to regional maritime security but also reflects their dedication to nurturing a strong and collaborative relationship. It is expected that the lessons learned and experiences gained during this endeavor will contribute significantly to the capabilities and preparedness of both the Indian and Sri Lankan Navies in responding to underwater emergencies and ensuring maritime safety in the region.

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