Indian Navy Conducts Maritime Partnership Exercise with Italian Navy in Mediterranean Sea – Indian Defence News

New Delhi, September 18, 2023: The Indian Navy’s offshore patrol vessel INS Sumedha Mission Deployed conducted a Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX) with the Italian Navy ship ITS Comandante Borsini in the Mediterranean Sea on September 17, 2023.

The MPX included joint tactical manoeuvres and communication drills aimed at enhancing interoperability between the two navies towards collective maritime security.

The Indian Navy shared this information in a Twitter post on September 18, 2023, stating that the MPX was “aimed at enhancing interoperability towards collective Maritime Security.”

The exercise is part of the Indian Navy’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its maritime ties with friendly countries and to promote cooperation in the maritime domain.

The Indian Navy and the Italian Navy have a long history of cooperation, and the two navies have conducted several MPXs in the past. The latest MPX is a testament to the strong ties between the two navies and their commitment to working together to ensure maritime security in the region. You can see the images of Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX) from here {source – Twitter (@indiannavy)}.

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