Indian Army Unleashes AI-Powered Drones on China-Pakistan Border – Indian Defence News

In a strategic move to bolster its defense capabilities along the North and West borders of Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Army has deployed state-of-the-art indigenous drones, signaling a technologically advanced leap in its confrontation with neighboring giants, China and Pakistan.

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The introduction of these high-tech drones, designed and manufactured within the nation, marks a significant shift towards harnessing Artificial Intelligence to monitor and counter potential threats along the challenging border regions.

Lieutenant General Anindya Sengupta, the Chief of Staff of the Northern Command, revealed that these advanced drones have been strategically positioned along the northern and western borders to bolster surveillance and response capabilities. The deployment represents the culmination of extensive research into logistic drones and autonomous vehicles.

Addressing the challenges posed by high-altitude terrains, Sengupta explained, “We have integrated logistic drones into our operations. High-altitude areas present unique challenges, but we have surmounted these obstacles. With our logistic drones, we can efficiently transport essential supplies to remote outposts in these challenging regions.”

Furthermore, Major General (General Staff) Northern Command, SBK Singh, disclosed that the Army has identified and initiated procurement of several weapons systems, one of which is the innovative ASMI. ASMI stands as a fusion of two distinct weapons, poised to enhance the Army’s arsenal significantly. He stated, “ASMI is a testament to our commitment to modernization. This remarkable weapon system will be unveiled at an upcoming symposium, showcasing our unwavering dedication to maintaining a formidable defense posture.”

The deployment of advanced drones and the acquisition of cutting-edge weapons demonstrate the Indian Army’s determination to stay ahead of emerging security challenges along the China-Pakistan border, ensuring the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are safeguarded in an ever-evolving geopolitical landscape.

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