Indian Army Pays Tribute to Fallen Heroes (Colonel Manpreet Singh & Major Aashish Dhonchak) of Operation Garol – Indian Defence News

In a poignant tribute to their fallen comrades, the Indian Army shared heartfelt news on their Twitter page, where they bid farewell to two of their finest soldiers who laid down their lives in the line of duty during Operation Garol. Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Aashish Dhonchak, who displayed unwavering courage and dedication, were remembered for their supreme sacrifice.

The last rites of these valiant officers were conducted with full military honors, an event that drew emotional crowds comprising their families, friends, and relatives. The solemn ceremonies took place in their respective hometowns, providing a fitting tribute to their service and sacrifice.

Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Aashish Dhonchak exemplified the spirit of selflessness and bravery that defines the Indian Army. Their unwavering commitment to the nation’s security and their ultimate sacrifice will forever be etched in the annals of Indian military history.

The Indian Army, along with the entire nation, salutes these bravehearts for their dedication, valor, and the supreme sacrifice they made for the country. Their memory will continue to inspire generations of soldiers and citizens to serve and protect the nation with unwavering dedication and commitment.

As the Indian Army mourns the loss of these heroes, the nation stands united in paying tribute to Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Aashish Dhonchak, recognizing their incredible service and sacrifice.

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