India is No Longer Shy of Using Military Power – Indian Defence News

India has traditionally been seen as a nation reluctant to use military power. This is due in part to its long-held policy of non-alignment, which was adopted after independence in 1947. However, in recent years, India has become more willing to use military power to protect its interests and advance its foreign policy goals.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to this shift in India’s stance. One is the country’s growing economic and military power. India is now the world’s third-largest economy and has the fourth-largest military budget. This increased power has given India more confidence and leverage on the international stage.

Another factor is the changing security environment in India’s region. India faces a number of challenges, including terrorism, border disputes with Pakistan and China, and the rise of China as a major military power. These challenges have led India to adopt a more proactive and assertive security posture.

In recent years, India has been more willing to use military force in a variety of contexts. For example, in 2016, India carried out surgical strikes against terrorist camps in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. In 2019, India abrogated Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which granted special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This move was followed by a military crackdown in the region.

India has also become more active in international security affairs. For example, India has played a leading role in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad), a grouping of four countries (India, the United States, Japan, and Australia) that is seen as a counterweight to China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

India’s willingness to use military power has been met with mixed reactions. Some observers have welcomed this shift, arguing that it is necessary for India to protect its interests and advance its foreign policy goals. Others have expressed concern that India’s growing military power could lead to greater instability in the region.

Overall, it is clear that India is no longer shy of using military power. This shift is due to a number of factors, including India’s growing economic and military power, the changing security environment in India’s region, and India’s desire to play a more active role in international security affairs.

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