IAF contingent returns to India after successful completion of Exercise BrightStar 23

The Indian Air Force (IAF) contingent returned to India on September 16, 2023, after successful completion of Exercise BrightStar 23, a biennial multinational military exercise held in Egypt. The IAF contingent was the first Indian contingent to participate in the exercise, which also saw participation from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Qatar.

The IAF contingent consisted of five MiG-29 fighter jets, two IL-78 tanker aircraft, two C-130 transport aircraft, and two C-17 transport aircraft. Personnel from the IAF’s Garud Special Forces, as well as those from the Numbers 28, 77, 78, and 81 Squadrons, also participated in the exercise.

During the exercise, the IAF contingent undertook a variety of missions, including close air support, air defense, and strategic bombing. The contingent also participated in joint operations with the other participating forces.

The successful completion of Exercise BrightStar 23 is a testament to the capabilities and professionalism of the IAF. It is also a sign of the strong relationship between India and Egypt.

The IAF’s participation in Exercise BrightStar 23 is also significant in the context of India’s growing defense cooperation with other countries. The exercise has helped to strengthen the IAF’s interoperability with other air forces, and it has also provided an opportunity for the IAF to showcase its capabilities to the international community.

The IAF’s return to India after the successful completion of Exercise BrightStar 23 is a matter of pride for the nation. It is a reminder of the IAF’s commitment to protecting India’s national security and promoting regional peace and stability.

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