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HENSOLDT, a renowned leader in sensor solutions, is set to dazzle audiences at DSEi 2023 in London with its latest innovations in sensor technology. Offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions designed for air, sea, and land applications, HENSOLDT’s showcase will include intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions, as well as systems geared towards enhancing the protection of friendly forces and operational efficiency. Visit HENSOLDT at ExCel London, Stand: H6-425 for more details.

In the domain of land-based operations, HENSOLDT will unveil advanced solutions tailored for armoured vehicles, featuring the groundbreaking “Multi Utility Vehicle” (MUV). This innovative platform incorporates optronic systems such as the “Multifunctional Self-Defense System” (MUSS) and “See Through Armour System” (SETAS), enhancing the safety and capabilities of these vehicles. Additionally, HENSOLDT introduces “Ceretron,” a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly merges sensor data in real-time, providing an AI-supported operational overview to vehicle crews, facilitating quicker and more informed decision-making.

HENSOLDT’s impressive sensor portfolio extends to active and passive land radar solutions, complemented by the revolutionary “TwinSens” sensor system. To bolster territorial defense against hostile missile and aircraft threats, HENSOLDT combines its advanced TRML-4D active air defense radar with the world-leading “Twinvis” passive radar, significantly reducing active emission times and minimizing electromagnetic footprints detectable by adversaries.

HENSOLDT will also showcase its portable battlefield radar solutions from the SPEXER family, offering early and precise detection data for countering asymmetric threats. Alongside these system technologies, a range of state-of-the-art weapon sights will be on display.

In the aerospace arena, HENSOLDT introduces its airborne multi-mission surveillance radar, “PrecISR,” along with advanced sensors like the “ARGOS” II electro-optical gimbal, seamlessly integrated into the Xplorer Mission System. “MissionGrid,” another innovation from HENSOLDT, presents a scalable mission system that maximizes the capabilities of the company’s radar and electro-optic sensor range. When combined with data fusion and mission management software, “MissionGrid” empowers a single aircraft to efficiently undertake multiple missions.

For the maritime sector, HENSOLDT will showcase its renowned “SharpEye” range of 2D navigation radars and the Integrated Navigation Bridge System (INBS), trusted by the UK Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary. Additionally, HENSOLDT presents a selection of multi-sensor optronic masts designed for submarines, including the “OMS 150” and “OMS 300.”

Safety and sustainability are fundamental values for HENSOLDT, and the company is deeply committed to these principles. HENSOLDT takes its responsibility as a sustainable, local business seriously and has set ambitious goals for emissions reduction, resource-efficient operations, and responsible corporate governance. Consequently, HENSOLDT actively supports numerous initiatives aimed at sustainable investments and a brighter, more environmentally friendly future.

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