Grene Robotics Revolutionizes Defense with Indrajaal Anti-Drone System – Indian Defence News

In a remarkable stride for Indian defense technology, Grene Robotics has introduced ‘Indrajaal,’ an autonomous counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) that is set to redefine the security landscape. This Hyderabad-based private sector company has made waves by developing what they proudly proclaim to be the world’s sole autonomous wide-area C-UAS. The Indrajaal system stands ready to confront threats from micro, mini, small, large, and extra-large drones, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s defense technology arsenal.

During a high-profile demonstration of the Indrajaal system, Kiran Raju, the founder, and managing director of Grene Robotics, underscored the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in modern warfare. Raju commented, “In this era of modern warfare, only AI can outsmart AI.” He further emphasized, “Indrajaal is not only well-prepared to counter any drone threat but also impervious to jamming attempts using existing technology.”

Grene Robotics has committed substantial financial resources and scientific expertise to the development and demonstration of Indrajaal. The company hosted live demonstrations, inviting government officials and tri-services officers to witness the system’s impressive capabilities firsthand.

The grand unveiling of Indrajaal transpired in the distinguished presence of Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh, the governor of Uttarakhand. General Singh hailed this innovative system as a groundbreaking advancement in defense technology that has the potential to reshape security measures for defense, public infrastructure, and private assets alike. He stressed the paramount importance of Indrajaal, stating, “This system not only strengthens our nation’s self-reliant military capabilities but also provides a crucial defense against the escalating drone threat.” This endorsement from a high-ranking military official underscores the profound impact and significance of Grene Robotics’ Indrajaal system in bolstering India’s security posture.

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