Gangster Sukhdul Singh Sukha Murder: Another Khalistani Killed in Canada

In a shocking episode that has sent shockwaves through the underworld, Indian gangster Sukhdul Singh Sukha Dunuke met his gruesome demise within the confines of his Canadian safe haven. Sukha, a notorious figure, held the dubious distinction of being a category A gangster and a prime target on India’s National Security Agency’s most-wanted list. What makes this tale even more chilling is the manner of his execution—nine bullets to the head.

Gangster Sukhdul Singh Sukha Murder
Gangster Sukhdul Singh Sukha Murder

Sukha Dunuke: The Right Hand of Khalistani Terrorist Arsh Dala

Sukha Dunuke, often regarded as the right-hand man of the infamous Khalistani terrorist Arshdeep Singh alias Arsh Dala, found refuge in the quiet corners of Canada while orchestrating crimes in India through his network of henchmen. His sanctuary of choice was flat number 203 on Hazelton Drive Road in Winnipeg, Canada. At precisely 9:30 am, Canadian time, assailants breached his sanctuary, unleashing a hail of bullets that obliterated his head and stained the room crimson with blood. Following their brutal act, the attackers fled the scene, leaving behind a gruesome tableau of violence.

An Accusation and Nine Bullets: A Vengeful Message

Before ending Sukha’s life in a hail of bullets, the attackers delivered an ominous message. They accused him of orchestrating the murder of Goldie’s brother, Gurlal Brar, asserting that Sukha bore full responsibility. This accusation, seemingly borne out of revenge, culminated in nine bullets that silenced Sukha forever. Notably, Sukha’s family, including his mother and sister, reside in Canada, while an uncle resides in Moga, Punjab.

Sukha’s Escape to Canada: Forged Documents and Collusion

Sukhdul Singh alias Sukha Dunuke managed to secure a passport and police clearance certificate in 2017 through forged documents, despite facing seven criminal cases in India. With suspected collusion with law enforcement, he obtained a visa to Canada, further deepening the mystery surrounding his escape. A case was also registered against him, leading to the arrest of two Punjab Police personnel accused of aiding his getaway.

Lawrence Bishnoi Gang Claims Responsibility

The murder of Sukha Dunuke did not go unclaimed. The notorious Lawrence Bishnoi gang took responsibility for eliminating the fugitive gangster. A post on a Facebook profile attributed to Lawrence Bishnoi confirmed their involvement and issued stern warnings to other gangsters. The post decried Sukha as a drug addict who had wreaked havoc for financial gain and had orchestrated multiple murders. It concluded with a chilling warning that those harboring enmity with the gang would ultimately face justice.

Tensions Between Canada and India

Sukha’s murder comes at a time of heightened tensions between Canada and India following the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in a Canadian Gurudwara. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent allegations of possible Indian involvement in Nijjar’s murder have further strained diplomatic relations.

Canada: A New Safe Haven for Criminals and Terrorists?

Increasingly, Canada is emerging as a sanctuary for India’s enemies, raising concerns akin to those posed by Pakistan in the past. Numerous Khalistani terrorists and dangerous gangsters have sought refuge on Canadian soil, orchestrating anti-India activities and luring vulnerable youth with promises of employment and wealth. The international community watches closely as Canada grapples with this growing crisis on its doorstep.

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