European Space Startup Partners with ISRO for Bikini Demo Mission Launch in 2024 – Indian Defence News

European space startup The Exploration Company has signed an agreement with ISRO for launch services for its first Demo Mission called ‘Bikini’, which is scheduled to launch in January 2024 on PSLV.

This is a significant milestone for both companies. For The Exploration Company, it marks the beginning of its journey to become a leading provider of commercial space tourism services. For ISRO, it represents an opportunity to expand its customer base and further establish itself as a reliable and cost-effective launch provider.

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If successful, the Bikini Demo Mission will be a major step forward for commercial space tourism. It will demonstrate the feasibility of using a reusable spacecraft to carry tourists to and from space. It will also help to validate The Exploration Company’s business model and pave the way for future missions.

The launch of the Bikini Demo Mission on PSLV is also a positive development for India’s space sector. It shows that India is a competitive player in the global space market and that its launch vehicles are in high demand.

I am excited to see how this mission unfolds and I wish both The Exploration Company and ISRO all the best for success.

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